Publication Information:

Format: ebook (downloadable PDF)

Number of Pages: 268 (including front and back cover)

Publisher and Date: Exegetica Publishing, 5/2020 Retail Price: $4.00

ISBN – 978-0-9982805-4-7


Prepare to have your joy renewed through Paul’s intense reminder to the churches of Galatia of the true gospel – to have your heart overflowing with love and thankfulness to God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ for the richness of our spiritual blessings including His eternal redemptive grace.

This study of Galatians, through the eyes of Martin Luther, challenges our motives. Are we living and growing in knowledge and grace through Christ, or are we attempting to somehow earn our way into salvation? And what burdens are we placing upon others as a result of us and/or them living a false gospel?

In this edition, some archaic terminology from the original translation is updated where such updates aid in comprehension, however, in all possible instances, for reading pleasure, the old English spellings and uncommon words are left unchanged. For clarity, footnotes providing definitions and further explanations are added.