Whether you are publishing with Exegetica or another publisher, or finishing a dissertation or thesis for your defense, Exegetica Editing Services will return your submitted manuscript, edited according to Chicago or Turabian for as little as $1 per page. Editors’ fees are based on the number of pages actually submitted (12 font, Times New Roman, single or double spaced text), so your cost won’t change, though your final page count most likely will change.

After you purchase Exegetica Editing Services, you will receive/download the Exegetica Editing Services Guidelines which will outline the editing process for you and tell you what you can expect during the process. Typically, your manuscript editing will be completed within 4-6 weeks. If you need your manuscript editing within 2 weeks, just select and purchase the RUSH option, which adds $150 to your editing cost.

Exegetica Editing Services edits only non-fiction works, dissertations, and theses. Exegetica Editing Services reserves the right to refuse any manuscript for any reason. If your manuscript is rejected by Exegetica Editing Services, you will promptly receive a full refund.

Exegetica Editing Services intends not only to help writers produce refined manuscripts, but also to help writers develop greater skill at expressing their ideas in writing.